Enjoy the Harvest- 10 Easy, Seasonal Baby Food Recipes

Enjoy the Harvest: 10 Easy, Seasonal Baby Food Recipes

With summer on its way out the door, there is one thing that we can all be grateful for. The late summer bounty of harvest in vegetables and fruits.The coming of early fall is something I always welcome, for its beauty in foliage and all of the canned goods that I laboured over during the summer, which I get to incorporate into my fall and winter cooking. The notion that baby food needs to be bland or difficult to make is quickly becoming something of the past and with that demise, I am seeing a surge of beautiful, delicious looking baby food recipes from some of my favourite food bloggers.As someone who’s always made her own baby food, I have a few of my own seasonal baby food recipes to share with you, as well a few from one of my favourite little people food recipe developers, Catherine McCord of Weelcious. Enjoy the collection of recipes; I know your baby will!Seasonal, Quick & EasyClick through for a bountiful selection of seasonal, end of the summer baby food recipes!Sweet Potato, Mild Curry & Coconut Purée: 6m + upDon’t balk at the mention of spice! Babies love the flavours that come from herbs and spices too,baby shoes, in small amounts. Have you ever tasted mild curry? Not spicy in the least and full of flavour. It is a common misconception that baby food has to bland. Simply steam some sweet potatoes (or boil) and blend with butter (or coconut oil for dairy free), a wee dash of mild curry powder and some coconut or reserved breast milk!Roast Pear Banana Purée: 6m + upA beautiful pairing, made perfect by roasting.Get the recipe via Weelicious Mango Blueberry Purée: 6m + upWild blueberries. Nothing compares. They are in full bounty here in Ontario, and my littles are gobbling them up on the daily. It’s a fruit that I began serving to them at 7 months and their adoration for them has never wavered. Mango was soon to follow and a combo like this will have your babies grinning from ear to messy ear!Get the recipe via WeeliciousRoasted Tomato Soup With Basil & Sheep Feta Crumble: 8m + upLine a couple of trays of cookie sheets with parchment paper and sprinkle them with 6 pounds of heirloom or other market variety tomatoes and 1 pound of fresh basil. Drizzle with a wee bit of grapeseed or EVOO and a tiny hint of sea salt. Roast in the oven approximately 20 min. at 425 F. Toss them in a pot with 2 cups of filtered, boiling water and 2 cups of coconut milk. Hand blend directly in the pot (easy!) and serve with a bit of Sheep feta crumbled on top. Fresh bread on hand for dipping is mandatory. Just ask the baby.Roasted Heirloom Carrot & Beet Mash: 6m + upRoasting roots veggies and tree fruits is one of the best ways to derive that sweet caramelized flavour we love so well. Babies will love it too. Simply roast and mash. No need to add in table salt, but feel free to add a smidgen of Herbamare and butter or coconut oil before roasting. Simply mash up and serve. You can add some coconut milk or reserved breast milk if the consistency is too thick, depending on the age of the baby. For those of you doing baby led weaning, simply cut smaller chunks of the beets and carrots before roasting.Italian Green Vegetable Purée: 7m + upKale, spinach, swiss chard, zucchini…all of these delicious and nutrient rich greens are in full abundance right now in Ontario and make this mouth-watering combo possible. Serve alone as a side or with baby pasta as a main!Get the recipe via WeeliciousRoasted Squash Purée or Mash: 6m + upSpaghetti, butternet, acorn. So many option right now. While I’m a bit sad that squash being in season means that summer is drawing to an end, I’m definitely looking forward to all of the harvest bounty that early fall has to offer. You can roast cubes of any kind of squash in the oven on a parchment lined cookie sheet, or toss the cubes in the crock pot in the morning. Mash or hand blend with coconut milk or reserved breast milk.Fresh Peach & Raspberry Purée: 7m + upA most flavourful combination. (Makes for great pie filling too!) No need to cook either of these seasonal,baby care, lush fruits – simply wash, peel and cube (the peaches), hand blend and serve.Creamy Sweet Corn Purée: 8m + upPeaches and cream corn right now is off the hook around my neck of the woods. A quick jaunt to any local farmer’s market and you can whip this up for your little sweetie(s)!Get the recipe via KidspotRoasted Plum & Zucchini Purées: 6m + upSimply peel, cube, roast and blend until smooth. Add water, coconut milk or reserved breast milk to desired consistency if need be. Feel free to mix these two together, I did it many a time after tasting it and it was a hit with both of mine!