Shoe Inserts for a Healthy and Wealthy Life

Removable shoe inserts, otherwise known as foot orthotics, accomplish many purposes, including daily wear comfort, foot and joint pain relief from arthritis, overuse, injuries and other causes such as orthopedic correction, smell reduction and athletic performance.

Shoe inserts are typically at reasonable prices and affordable. Aftermarket insoles can better tailor your footwear’s fit, support and comfort to your feet. There are two types of shoe insoles as in comfort and support or sport insoles.

Types of shoe inserts

Shock-absorbing insoles designed for comfort and can be used to eliminate foot pain and tired feet from standing or walking on hard surfaces for extended periods. These come with flat or shaped and feature gel or foam in manufacturing, and choices include full length, three fourth length or arch or heel inserts. Sometimes tired and achy feet result in insufficient foot support inside a shoe. If the comfort insoles aren’t the solution to your problem anymore or even aggravates the issue, its better go with support style instead of more cushioning.

Support shoe inserts are harder than comfort ones which are derived from increased stability rather than direct cushioning, and made from harder material for structural support and stability. Support insoles are always best for conditions like structural misalignment which results in foot pain, ankles, knees hip, back, neck or head, planter fasciitis and supination or over-pronation. There are different types of models in support insoles to suit most foot shapes or footwear types though not customized only to an individual foot.

The Best 5 shoe insoles

The best shoe insoles, if we narrow it down to 5, you would find, Dr. Scholl’s massaging gel work insoles, super feet green premium insoles, Spenco’s PolySorb Cross Trainer Insoles, Powerstep’s Pinnacle Orthotics Insoles and New Balance IUSA3810 Supportive Cushioning Insole.

Dr. Scholl’s massaging gel work insoles is one of the best shoe insoles, which is well known for its high quality foot products that are designed to improve comfort and reduce injury, this is really good for conditions like spending long period of hours on your feet while at work. These are made with rubber which easier to your shape of feet and use soft blue gel cushions as a great arch support and comfort.

Super feet green premium insoles are another type of the best shoe insoles among the 5 best which provide premium foot comfort with these man-made synthetic insoles and these are made of anti-bacteria coating and consist of high arch for maximum support. These most likely can be used with your typical footwear as in sneakers, shoes, clogs or boots.