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Street Wear as a Fashion Trend in Today’s Society The skateboarding scene of the early 1980’s and the hip-hop scene of the mid 1980’s are where street wear originated from. Street wear has always been a sought after fashion trend amongst the youth of the world. Sneakers, baseball caps or skullcaps and jeans are trademark items that are associated with this subculture. The leader of the street wear retail market, however, has actually become the designer graphic t-shirt. There are hundreds of designer t-shirt companies in the United States. Street wear consumers therefore have thousands of options at their disposal just by clicking a button through the many online retail websites. Common now for street wear are a mix of higher-end tattoo-art labels, mixed martial art labels, and also anti-establishment t-shirt labels. These often feature a combination of thought-provoking phrases and stylish graphics. In the last thirty years, street wear has come an awful long way. It is no longer only desired by skaters and hip-hop fans, but also by a large percentage of the general public ranging from teenagers through young adults. This large increase in the consumer base is the biggest reason why the production and number of labels has risen so dramatically.
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What type of future can be expected for this fashion subculture? Street wear was originally created to reflect the artistic channels and voice of the rebellious youth movement. The precise message of nonconformity evident in the 1980’s with the youth is still a factor in today’s society. The notion of rebellion and raging against the machine was always and will always remain a factor in growing up. Besides music, fashion is another important conduit of expression for today’s and our future generations of youth.
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Street wear trends have easily adapted and changed readily based on whatever artistic trends and current anti-establishment messages are. As with anything, adaptability almost always means longevity. Therefore, the future of street wear looks promising and it will most likely always be the current alternative to the mainstream labels that are found in department stores and malls. You can’t go wrong with street wear fashion if your goal is to make a profound statement with the clothes and accessories you are wearing. Just type “Street Wear” into your search engine, and you are very likely to find the perfect graphic design t-shirt to match your personality. The number of colors and designs awaiting you is exponential. What will your message be?