4 Valuable Tips for Buying a Men’s Leather Jacket

Whether a buyer is purchasing a leather jacket as a gift or for themselves, there are multiple factors to consider when buying a mens leather jacket. Usage and style are important, but buyers should also choose a cut that fits the wearer and flatters his body type. Below are several tips for buying a leather jacket for a man.

Choose a Color That Matches the Wearer’s Wardrobe

By choosing a color that works with the rest of the wardrobe, a man can wear his jacket with most outfits. For instance, a black jacket will work with bright-colored clothing, and a brown one is ideal for beige and tan wardrobes. It’s best to buy a black jacket if a man plans to wear it with both casual and business attire. A black leather jacket can dress up a business suit but also offer a casual look when worn with jeans and a T-shirt.

Choose the Right Cut for the Wearer’s Body Type

Some leather jackets are designed to make the wearer look slimmer, while others may give a bulky look. Bomber jackets are ideal for men with lean bodies and broad shoulders, as they have additional chest room and a snug fit at the waist. Motorcycle jackets are good for tall men, as they typically have visual cues such as pockets and zippers that can quickly overwhelm a short man’s frame.

Sleeve and Waist Length is Important

No matter which style a man chooses, the sleeves on a leather jacket should hit at the wrist line. If the sleeves are too long, the jacket will look too big. If they’re too short, it will look as if it’s too small. The length should end at the wearer’s waistline. It will accentuate the frame regardless of the cut chosen.

Try on a Variety of Jackets Before Buying

Like other articles of clothing, it’s important to try on various leather jackets before buying. For most men, a leather jacket is the biggest clothing purchase of a lifetime and, as such, it is important to make an informed purchasing decision. By trying on a selection of jackets, the buyer can determine how well the jacket feels and fits before purchasing.