3 Best Ways To Wear Long Riding Boots

Tall riding boots are not just designed for horse riding, but can also be worn for yard work, school and just hacking around. They are for riding enthusiasts and they come in different styles and sizes to suit the different ages. How you wear the boot determines how good you will look in them. Luckily, there are so many looks you can play around with when you have a good pair of long riding boots. Here are some of the best ways of wearing the tall boots.

1. Wear with ticked jeans

Skinny jeans are the way to go when you want that neatly tucked in look. The jeans hug your leg so that the boots fit perfectly without bunching up. Blue denim works best with the riding boots regardless of the shade and style of the boot, but you can also try out other colors and see how they work. When wearing with tucked jeans, choose a plaid button down shirt in fitted or loose style. A blouse that has some volume balances out the slim, sleek silhouette of lower half and you can also accessorize as you desire but keeping your jewelry selection simple and soft. If what you are looking for is equestrian flair, then choose cream or white skinny jeans and black boots. You can then wear a standard clean lined shirt and a blazer over it.

2. Cover with flared trousers and jeans

Bootcut jeans are the best when you are wearing riding boots with flared trousers. This is because they are flared out enough at the bottom part to allow easy boot slipping and comfort for any given boot height and style. You can try the blue denim look, but you can choose other colors, ensuring that the trouser is long enough to cover most part of the boot but also short enough to allow the heel and toe of the boot to show. Apart from the jeans, you can also wear the boots with corduroys. To dress up the look, wear a button down shirt over the pants or choose a blouse that is well-fitting in a solid color or fine prints. A blazer over the shirt can work for this look and it actually adds greater professionalism to it, but you can opt to leave it casual with only the blouse. When accessorizing the look, keep it classy and simple with plain metal jewelry being better options over large gemstones and bright colored ones.

3. Wear with leggings

Tall riding boots can also be worn with right textured and colored leggings. You can choose smooth leggings that come in a shade that matches the boot to create a trendy and crisp appearance. For a fashion forward look you can slip on a pair of shorts to the leggings or a long tunic for a casual weekend look. You can choose standard denim blue jean short or play around with a pair of patterned, colored khaki or grey denim short.


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