Getting My Daughter the Perfect Shoes

I wanted to get my daughter a pair of light up shoes because it had been on her wish list for her birthday for months. If her birthday was just a few weeks away, I would have just waited, but we still had another five months to go before it was here. That is how excited she is about getting a pair of the shoes that light up. I decided that I was going to go online and look at the different kinds to see if I would be able to afford a pair of them for her before her birthday.

I knew that she would never expect that, and that made it so much more fun for me to be able to surprise her that way. I wanted to get her a pair that I knew she would like though. She didn’t have the brand or colors that she wanted, so I had to figure that out on my own. I looked online, and I was able to find a really nice site that had a popular brand with plenty of color choices. I thought that would be a hard decision for me, but I knew as soon as I saw the green light up shoes that they were the ones that she would like the most.

When I received them, I gift wrapped them in birthday paper. I put the box on her chair, and called her for dinner. Seeing her confusion and surprise was priceless, and then seeing her happiness was even better. She has been wearing them every day, and she loves to talk about her non-birthday gift. She doesn’t know it yet, but I am still getting her another pair for her birthday since I was able to find such a great deal for them online.