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The Importance of Facial Hair

One of the main things that distinguish men is facial hair. Facial hair or beard usually develops when a man reaches their adolescents stage and he is released or grows after testosterone is released into the body of the man and what happens at the same time when the deepening of the voice happens and also the broadening of the shoulders. Many men always treasure having a Beard and this article seeks to discuss the importance of having a Beard in men. The esteem of a man is usually very highly boosted if they have a Beard. By having a Beard, research has shown that a man is able to have more confidence in high esteem unlike those that do not have a Beard whose esteem is highly affected.

Facial hair plays a very important role in preventing skin cancer. By having facial hair, a man is able to get protection from the UV rays of the sun and this is very important in causing the cells to remain in a healthy condition. By having facial hair, a man is able to have reduced symptoms of allergy and asthma. The facial hair access to guard against the pollen grains and dust particles and this is what ensures that a person does not get asthma or does not get an allergic reaction.

The UV rays can act as a way of causing aging on the face of a man and therefore with them being blocked by the facial hair, a person can retain the look that they have.In the opposite way also, a Beard can also help you to look mature than you actually are in terms of age. An additional benefit of having facial hair is that can prevent illnesses especially in the cold season because the facial hair can help to keep you warm. The benefit of having facial hair and letting it remain on your face is that you not have to worry about shaving and therefore the infections that come about as a result of shaving your facial hair will not be a bother to you.

By letting your facial hair remain in your face, it means that no bruises or razor cuts will be found in your face leaving your face blemish free. This means that you look more attractive and handsome. Facial hair also helps to keep your skin moist and therefore you not have to worry about dry skin. Facial hair is able to do this because it prevents their operation of the moisture from the skin by preventing air and also the UV rays from the sun from heating the skin.

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